Vice News: Fined for Being Homeless (Extra Scene from 'Hiding The Homeless')

November 27, 2015

A growing number of American cities are ticketing or arresting homeless people for essentially being homeless. The new laws ban behavior commonly associated with homelessness like reclining in public, sharing food or sitting on a sidewalk. 

Supporters argue these measures are necessary to push homeless people into the shelter system and maintain public safety. Critics say the laws violate the rights of homeless people and ignore the more complicated drivers of homelessness like mental illness.

We found homeless people camping in the woods to escape police harassment, a homelessness consultant opposed to feeding homeless people and a city that uses solitary confinement to force homeless people into shelters.

In this extra scene, VICE News spoke to a resident of Nevada City, California, who recounts what it was like to be stigmatized by her community for being homeless.

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