Monkey Escapes for the Second Time, Eats the Neighbors Mail, Then Trolls The Police

October 05, 2015

SANFORD, Fla. — A monkey that escaped its owner’s home in an Orlando, Florida, suburb chewed on its neighbors’ ail, pulled molding off a police car and rocked back and forth on a street sign.

Zeek was eventually caught when his owner returned home a short time later.

Sanford police officers responded to the neighborhood pm the morning of Sept. 28 after a neighbor called to report that a monkey was eating mail out of a mailbox.

Zeek jumped on the officers’ squad car and pulled some molding off the roof. The monkey also drank from a water bottle the officers offered as a distraction.

Sanford police officers took video of Zeek and posted it on the agency’s Facebook page. “Zeek had a little fun with our patrol car,” the officers posted in one video.

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